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I Know! I Know!

How serious can this company be about fishing when they are advertising with pictures of kids and suckers?  We are very serious.  We have just not forgotten how to have fun while we are doing it!!  
SRSR is happy to fish with people of any age and skill level (including kids!) Have you heard the saying "Not afraid to wear pink?"  Well, we're not afraid to fish with kids.
SRSR has experienced guides that are willing to bait fish, fly fish, spin fish or pull plugs.  They employ the method that you want to use and suggest the method they feel may give you the best chance at catching the big one.

Give us a call before you leave!!

Salmon River Scenic Run
Leigh and Peggy Redick
P.O. Box 935, 2101 Hot Springs Road
Challis, ID 83226
[email protected]
Salmon River Scenic Run is a Licensed and Bonded Outfitter permitted by the Salmon Challis National Forest and Bureau of Land Management

ABOUT our Fishing Trips

SRSR's permit allows us to fish on 160 miles of Central Idaho's Salmon River.  This allows us to choose the section of river to fish which will meet your needs and improve chances to catch fish based on river conditions.
We fish based out of drift boats like the one pictured below, with incidental walk and wade fishing when accessable.  One guide and 2 fishers per boat.
We usually cover 5- 9 miles of river in a day of fishing, depending upon fishing technique.
SRSR provides a riverside lunch and non-alcoholic beverages for each full day trip.  You are more than welcome to bring your own alcoholic drinks.
We provide all fishing tackle and bait/flies.  If you have a favorite rod you would rather bring, we don't mind.  
  1. Drift Boat